Abu Nawas Kingdom


Abu Nawas Kingdom | Australia | 2013 | 8 minutes | Dir: Zahra Alsamawi
Abu Nawas was one of the greatest classical Arabic poets, and one of the most daring. He wrote about wine, homosexuality and other red topics. Fittingly Abu Nawas St, in the centre of Baghdad, is famous for its clubs, hotels, bottle shops, as well as being a secret rendezvous for lovers in front of the Tigris.
That’s why sculptor Mohamed Hikmet built statues of Shahryār and Scheherazade, the king and the storyteller, on this street. But the statues disappeared after war and were forced out, like so many other Iraqis, to live in exile.
Abu Nawas Kingdom is a tale about the original storyteller, Scheherazade, as she searches for Shahryār in her new home, Australia.

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SYDNEY | Saturday 29 June, 8pm | Screens with A WORLD NOT OURS | Buy Tickets

Zahra Alsamawi was born in Iraq and came to Australia when she was 12. She is currently studying a Masters in Media Arts and Production at the University of Sydney and has a Bachelor of Film Producti…Read More